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We strive for building modular systems - whether it's embedded in hardware, running on servers or deployed in the cloud. We set trends, speak, train and work hard to make your software successful.

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We offer professional services and 24x7 support with SLAs for selected systems. Ask for references and availability.

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Open Source Services

Runolarity is a happy consumer and a huge contributor to free open source software. We also offer services free of charge to help growing the ecosystem of modular systems.

For Java

OSGi is the de-facto modular runtime for Java. In our work we are often faced with the requirement to provide OSGi bundles for 3rd party libraries. All bundles we build are contributed to the Eclipse Bundle Recipe project. Therfore, we created a process which provides OSGi bundles as Maven artifacts using services offerd by GitHub, Travis, JFrog and Bintray free of charge.

The Maven group id is com.runolarity.osgi.bundles. You can browse all artifacts online at OJO (JFrog's open source Artifactory server).